Hardware coming!

Posted by John (Owner) on 27th Jan 2017

Hey folks, I know blogs are few and far between, but we are always working on new ideas rest assured!We are adding tons of hardware, accessories and goodies! Make sure to keep checking back. We have s … read more

FDA and new regulations

Posted by John (Owner) on 31st Jul 2016

QUITTHATGRIT.COM wants to thank each and every one of you for your support through the past 2+ years. Things are changing with the FDA regulations coming into motion. First thing people may noti … read more

New changes

Posted by John - Owner on 30th May 2014

Hey folks, we are gonna be doing some remodeling of the website, removing some flavors, adding lots more. Also going to do a Deal of the week special on 30ml flavor, and adding 20/80 pg/vg mix to the … read more

Your first blog post!

Posted by John - Owner on 23rd Feb 2014

I was a pack a day smoker for 15 or so years, and stumbled upon vaping while browing youtube... Once I got my first order in the mail, I havent looked back at any tobacco products.Together we can … read more