FDA and new regulations

Posted by John Hileman (Owner) on 30th Jul 2016

QUITTHATGRIT.COM wants to thank each and every one of you for your support through the past 2+ years. Things are changing with the FDA regulations coming into motion.

First thing people may notice is we are no longer able to include freebies with your orders. We have made up for this by adding a Rewards System.

The reward system can be accessed on the right side in RED on the website(or on the bottom on a mobile device). By clicking on "Learn More" It will show the different ways you can accumulate QTG Points. You can earn them just for signing up, sharing and/or liking us on social media, birthdays, customer referrals and also by placing an order with us.

100 points is good for a $11 store credit and if you have a bunch of points you can exchange 250 points for a $33 store credit.

We also had to remove 5ml size and 480ml size bottles as we are unable to source approved child safety tops for them.

We have added 4 new amazing flavors to the line up. We have "Blue Razz", "A la Mode" which is an apple pie with ice cream, "Creamy Coconut" which if you love Snake Candy, you cant go wrong with this creamy coconut, which can also be mixed in our Flavor Maker. Lastly we have "Neo" which is a Neapolitan Ice Cream mix.

You can find all 4 of these new treats RIGHT HERE.

Thank you all so much and we will talk to you soon.
-QTG Crew