Rewards Points and Promos info

We have an awesome rewards system in place. You can gain points by referrals, shopping with us and sharing and following us on facebook/instagram/twitter, and even for just signing up you can get points to earn store credit! 

Rewards can be accessed on the BOTTOM RIGHT side of the webpage with a red button. If you are on mobile and having issues, try switching to standard view (at the bottom of the webpage) and/or try restarting your device.


Promo codes are good only for our regular juice line, It does not include any hardware(unless mentioned) and it does not include Steal of the Week and buy 4 30mls deal pricing either. So if you have a promo code and its a minimum order of say $9.99, you have to buy atleast $9.99 worth of our regular juice line at regular price for the code to apply.

Our system is set up to only accept 1 promo code per order so please keep this in mind when placing an order.


Thanks and please feel free to email us at