Nicotine Salts 15ml Bottles (Just add 0mg liquid!)

$2.99 - $3.99

Product Overview

 You can now turn ANY QTG E-Liquid into Salt Nicotine blends!


We HIGHLY recommend using our 0mg 50/50 blend with any of our flavors for best results in pod type systems. 



Sapphyre Salt Nic is Pre-Measured For 25MG/45MG Salt Nicotine In 15ML Mixing Bottle


Turn any Quit That Grit E-Liquid into Salt Nic With Sapphyre Nic Salt!

- Premium Nicotine Salt

- 0.9ML/1.8ML Concentrated Nic Salt Solution Pre-Measured Inside of a 15ML Bottle

- Simple and Easy to Use By Adding 0 MG E-Liquid to Bottle and Shake Well

- Fill to just below the neck line of the bottle to leave air space for mixing. This does seem to use 17-19ml of 0mg E-liquid. 

- Instructions are also printed on the bottle and also a space to write your flavor name on the bottle (regular style pens seem to work best)


- We recommend using gloves while mixing to avoid nicotine contact with your skin. Please wash with warm soapy water after. 

- We recommend when after done mixing, squirt the first drop or 2 into the trash/sink in case of concentrated nicotine stuck in the nozzle.



-15ml bottle with pre measured salt nicotine solution.


You will need to add/purchase 0mg 50/50 E-liquid to create the vapable Salt nicotine mix.


What are Nicotine Salts? CLICK HERE to find out more info from an outside website.