Bargain Bin QTG E-Liquid!


Product Overview

These random flavor juices are well steeped and most likely in the 6-12 months old unopened bottles with plenty of life in them. Choose your nic level!

We like to keep our retail stock as fresh as possible.

All 0mg flavors can have nicotine added if we are out of your preferred nic level, we sell Freebase Nicotine packs as well as Salt Nicotine packs to reach your desired nic level:

Freebase Nicotine Packs -

Salt Nicotine additives (each salt nic additive bottle makes 15ml of liquid in the desired 25mg or 45mg salt nicotine) -

Unlike our normal online juices, these bottles are already steeped!

If you want an idea of what flavors may be included in your bargain bin order, check out the flavors we carry in our Retail stores:

First come first serve :)